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Become a

Mindset Coach

Help Others Achieve Their Full Potential 
Is Mindset Coach Training for You?

Mindset Coach Training is for you if:


You Love the Mindset Shift Blueprint™

You want to go deeper with the Mindset Shift Blueprint™ in your own life and relationship

Writing a Journal


You're in a job transition

You’re in a job transition and looking to finally do what you love to do.

Woman Working on Laptop


You’re a counselor or therapist

You’re a counselor or therapist who wants to add powerful coaching tools to your practice.



You’re already a coach

You’re already a coach and you want to work with people experiencing relationship struggles.

Attentive Therapist


Your friends look to you for advice

You’re already someone whose friends look to for advice, you just need a framework and toolbox.

Friends in Staduim


You want to be part of a community

You want access to a referral network and online community of coaches for ongoing support. 

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Why Make This Investment?

What's in the coaching program all about?

The Jason Blau School of Coaching is tool-driven and technique-focused

36 hours of private coach training

10 hours of coaching supervision

Access to my referral network

Authorized use of The Mindset Shift Blueprint™

Access to PDFs/resource library

On-going support

Section 1

Learn to Teach Stress Reduction +
Mindfulness Meditation

The foundation to getting someone to make a long-lasting change is helping them to become present in the moment, and conscious of how their thoughts influence their life.  Focus and awareness are key.  


  • Establish a daily mindfulness meditation practice

  • Understand the mind/body connection

  • Learn breathing techniques that reduce stress/anxiety

Girl Relaxing
Smiling Colleague

Section 2

Learn to Coach
The Mindset Shift Blueprint

This six-step process is designed to create a framework for shifting anyone’s mindset and helping your clients get clear and specific about what they want so they can take the right actions that will bring them closer to it.  


  • Learn The Mindset Shift Blueprint™ in depth

  • Create a common language to empower clients with real tools and techniques

  • Improve communication skills that enhance relationships

Section 3

Learn the Business of Coaching +
How to Find Your Voice

Build your own coaching business with a strong foundation of best practices, marketing tools, and strategies proven to acquire customers.   


  • Create your origin story & find your voice

  • Learn how to create a book of business and define your niche

  • Gain backend and operational expertise of the coaching business

Man in Library
Group Lecture

Section 4

Build Confidence with 
Coach-the-Coach + Ongoing Support

Prepare yourself to go out on your own and embrace your skills as a Coach.  This will help you transition in a safe and supportive way.  

  • Practice and hone your skills in a safe and comfortable environment

  • Gain feedback for maximum results

  • Become part of the referral network and coaching community

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