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Learn to Meditate

Take the 30-day Challenge today!

The Meditation Blueprint™

I've created something to help you bring about a sense of calmness and peace, and to help you cope with stress and anxiety.  Meditation has been proven to be the most effective way to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, anger, depression, high blood pressure, and so much more!  You may have heard of the incredible life-changing benefits of meditation, but are unsure where to begin.

The Meditation Blueprint™ will teach you how to meditate in an easy, fun, and accessible way!  After completing the “30-day Challenge,” you will have a new life-changing meditation routine as well as new tools for calming down and de-stressing. You will create a mindset shift that makes life easier and more peaceful, and creates happiness and success in every aspect of your life. 

Join today and start your journey towards a happier and more peaceful YOU! 

White Sand and Stone
The Communication Blueprint™

I am pleased to offer “The Communication Blueprint,” an online course to educate and empower you with proven tools and techniques for improving or reestablishing communication with your children. This 6-week course is for anyone looking for methods that engage their children differently and get them to open up with greater ease. You will learn to shift your perspective, decode your child’s messages differently, and discover methods for creating safety (the opposite of walking on eggshells) for yourself and your children.  


A big focus of this workshop will be practice time with worksheets and role-plays, giving you a chance to hone your communication skills. Every participant will have the opportunity to share their own messages, texts, and/or conversations where communication needs improving. This course is skills-based and intended to provide support to anyone who is getting ready for reconnection or who wants to improve a strained relationship with a loved one.


The group is limited to 8 participants via Zoom, and I am strongly requesting that you be prepared to be on video to create a safe space for everyone to share and feel supported by one another. 


There will be six (6) 75-minute group coaching sessions on Sundays at 9:30 am EST.


Dates: Jan. 29, Feb. 5, Feb. 12, Feb. 19, Feb. 26, Mar. 5




Because the group will be small, each attendee will have time to achieve the following;


  • Build a Communication Toolbox (i.e. How to validate, communicate effectively, create safety for yourself and your children, acquire more information, and more!)

  • Complete worksheets for practice and proper use of tools 

  • Craft text messages and emails to send to your children (with guidance)

  • Write an amends letter with the intention of reconnection or strengthening the relationship




  • Get one individual strategy session with Jason Blau (scheduled separately)

  • Jason will reach out directly to your child (to better understand their perspective)



*  Note:  If you do not currently have access to your children (i.e. you are blocked or don’t have contact info), this course will prepare you for when you do. Additionally, during your individual strategy session, Jason will share ideas and alternatives that can help acquire this information or get around this. You can also use these communication tools to restore and improve all your relationships. 

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