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Shifting Your Mindset 

for personal growth, transformation, and reconnection.




Patience, Self-Awareness, Determination, and Clarity of Mind

Changed My Situation For The Better!

And, It Can CHANGE Yours Too!



Jason Blau Mindset Coaching



My Journey

Welcome to my website! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my journey and the transformative power of mindset coaching with you. I am a mindset coach dedicated to helping individuals transform their lives, just as I did.

My own path towards a happier and more peaceful lifestyle began in 2013 when I found myself overwhelmed with the demands of a young marriage, a newborn child, a graduate school program, and a high-pressure career. Like many people, I constantly worried about the past and the future, struggling to find meaning and balance in my life.

Having spent the majority of my professional career in medical device sales, I knew the importance of differentiation and personal growth. To stay competitive, I enrolled in a master's degree program focused on leadership and business. However, the challenges of being a new father, a supportive husband, and excelling in my job quickly took a toll on me.

Upon completing my master's degree, I found myself feeling lost and emotionally overwhelmed.  However, something within me knew that there had to be a better way.  During one of the lowest points in my life, I discovered the power of meditation through a substitute teacher in a yoga class. Those few minutes of stillness and peace awakened a deep longing within me. I committed to practicing meditation every day, and it became the catalyst for my personal transformation.

Through meditation, I began to experience profound shifts in my life. While not always easy, I found the tools to navigate challenging situations with greater ease and grace. Guided meditation classes and breathwork exercises became integral parts of my journey, leading me to become certified in teaching meditation and yoga.

As I deepened my practice, my outlook on life changed. Joy and happiness reentered my life, anxiety diminished, and I became more present and mindful in my roles as a father and husband. I no longer needed medication to manage my emotions; meditation had become my source of inner peace and stability.

Meditation gave me a foundation to transform my life, creating the space to grow into my authentic self. It allowed me to heal past emotional traumas, release negative emotions, and gain clarity on my desires and purpose. Through this transformative process, I discovered my passion for helping others find happiness and peace.

In 2015, I left my previous career to pursue a more fulfilling path. After a detour into a technology start-up, I opened Sit Meditation Space, the first guided meditation studio in the Philadelphia area, in 2017. Over the course of two years, I witnessed a beautiful community come together, embracing mindfulness and connection.

Although I had to close the studio in 2019, I found a new opportunity to work with a traditional therapy practice, helping individuals navigate their personal traumas. However, when the pandemic hit and everything shut down, I once again reinvented myself and my business.

Inspired by my experiences and the challenges I faced, I created my own Mindset Coaching business. Building upon my Mindset Shift Blueprint™ and other techniques, I help individuals pause, become present, shift their perspectives, clarify their goals, take action, and overcome fears that hold them back. Combined with mindfulness meditation and effective communication tools, my clients experience peace of mind, gain clarity, find purpose, and design their path to success.

Over the past few years, I have also dedicated myself to working with people facing relationship struggles, including high-conflict divorce and parental alienation. I am deeply committed to helping others strengthen their relationships, build confidence, and embrace their authentic selves.

I would be honored to work with you, sharing my framework and tools for a happier, peaceful and successful life!  

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Change Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life!

Mindset Coaching will help you become "conscious" so that you can master your mindset and gain a strong understanding of how your thoughts, words, and actions create your reality and experiences.  Our sessions are designed to help you gain self-awareness and become EMPOWERED and HAPPY.

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All that we desire is already within us, we simply need to remove the self-limiting beliefs and unlock our full potential.  We will work together to explore perspective, potential, and purpose.   You will learn to create successful habits and move into alignment with your authentic self. 

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To be guided in meditation means to be led by a teacher who is providing verbal cues and reminders to help build your focus and awareness. This guidance allows you to let go of the desire to control the experience and instead be fully present with it.

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