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Why Do I Feel The Way I Do? How Can I Overcome My Stress And Anxiety?

We all experience stress and anxiety, but when it affects your emotions, mood and relationships, it is important to identify the triggers and work towards neutralizing them.

About Jason Blau:

As an experienced Mindset Coach, Jason Blau helps individuals feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or stuck become clear on what they want, feel happier and peaceful, and enhance every aspect of their life.

Jason’s journey towards a happier and more peaceful lifestyle began in 2013. He was juggling the demands of a young marriage, a newborn child, a graduate school program, and a high-pressure career. Jason’s ability to manage the day-to-day was causing a lot of stress and anxiety. He was emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, and knew there had to be a better way to live.

Jason discovered meditation and began practicing daily. He used this transformative tool to stop his negative thought patterns, manage his emotions, and to become less reactive in stressful situations. As a result, he was able to slow down, be more intentional with his words and actions, and be less judgmental. Everything in his life began to change for the better!

Jason became passionate about the life-changing effects that meditation had on him. He decided to shift his career away from Medical Device Sales and become certified to teach meditation and coach others. After receiving a Master’s degree from Penn State Smeal College in leadership and identity, he opened the first guided meditation studio in the Philadelphia area, instructing over 3500 people to date. Jason has also attracted the attention of large corporations and school districts who work with him to help positively influence the culture of these organizations and shift the collective consciousness.

Jason believes meditation is the foundation for transformation and success. His techniques have helped so many people learn to create a daily routine that fits into their lifestyle, improves their wellbeing, and helps achieve their goals while feeling peaceful and happy inside.

By implementing the tools and techniques he has learned, Jason was able to move through a high-conflict divorce and estrangement from his parent. He learned that by letting go of the anger, resentment and betrayal, it opened up an opportunity for the creation of healthy and balanced relationships. He worked tirelessly towards nurturing a safe space for himself and others to grow. By working on himself, he became stronger emotionally and had a greater ability to help co-create relationships and move forward with ease.

“I am encouraging you to have a growth mindset, and a strong desire to become the best version of yourself. You are not likely to receive a positive outcome if you are placing blame on others and succumb to a negative mindset and self-limiting beliefs.” ~ Jason Blau

What Does It Mean to Heal?

Healing is the process by which you become detached from your desired outcome or set expectations. By doing so, you won’t immediately change your situation, but instead, you will change the way you feel about your situation. When you feel better inside, you will be in a better position to take the best actions that can bring your closer to what you desire.

Healing is a starting point, not an endpoint…and you must start somewhere.

Think about “healing” as a commencement. It’s not the end of something, but rather the start of something new. It takes time to heal and it requires patience and forgiveness of yourself and others. Healing is tough because it leaves you exposed, and vulnerable. But, It allows you to move past your emotions that have become trapped within you and which have held you back or caused you to feel blocked.

Healing is done first within you. What I mean by that is if you feel more confident in who you are and how you are showing up, then you are more easily able to sit in the discomfort of hearing how others may feel about you. Healing helps you to sleep better, smile more, and find joy.

What Does it Mean to “Show Up”?

I talk a lot about the way you “show up” for yourself and the way that you show up for others. "Showing up" means "take action". How you choose to take action and how you react makes all the difference in bringing you closer to, or further from what you want or desire in your life. If you are unaware of your actions, meaning you are unconscious of them, it will be harder to reflect on why these said actions were affecting yourself and others so deeply.

Therefore, a big part of the healing process is to become conscious and aware of how you show up. Your actions and reactions must be deliberate and intentional. When this happens it’s a lot easier to discover what others need from you, and you can try to accommodate them accordingly.

What Does it Mean to Do “The Work”?

A lot of the time, you may think, "why am I doing all of the work and others aren’t’ doing their part?"

Good news! By you doing the work, you gain a lot of power!

"Doing the work" is all about self-reflection. It's about taking a long hard look at yourself and your actions to see if they are aligned with who you want to be. Exploring your emotions and how you feel in each moment gives you a sense of awareness that empowers you to be deliberate and intentional with your thoughts, words, and actions. Working on yourself involves peeling back the layers, letting down your emotional walls, and working towards being centered and balanced. It involves becoming clear on what you want and setting up healthy boundaries. Communication is key! The way you speak to yourself and others makes all the difference.

What are Stress and Anxiety?

We have all experienced feeling stressed and or anxious at some point in our lives. It's natural to feel the effects of stress and anxiety in both your mind and your body. Sometimes, it may feel like your mind is going a mile a minute, or you might experience pain somewhere, like in the lower back or getting a headache. But, what are the differences between stress and anxiety?

For our purposes, I like to think about stress and anxiety like this:

Stress: Thoughts or thinking about the past.

So, if you are thinking about what happened last week or two months ago, or what you could or should have done differently, you will feel stressed.

Anxiety: Thoughts or thinking about the future.

If you are worried or concerned about what will happen if you do or don't do something, or how someone might react if you did this or that, you will experience anxiety.

By these definitions, most of us are anxious, not stressed. I think most of us accept that what's happened in the past is gone and we cannot change it. You can only use what's happened in the past to influence how you show up today and take action in the future,

Therefore our anxiousness comes as a result of constant worry and uncertainty of what will happen in our lives. We are constantly coming up with scenarios of what may happen in the future and our minds play on a loop all the different scenarios.

What we've done as a society is confused stress with the stress response system in our bodies. This stress response, a physiological reaction to perceived fear, worry or danger is built into our DNA and dates back thousands of years.

Why Do I Feel This Way?

Here's what's happening in your mind and body when you get stressed or anxious.

How Can I Change My Reaction to Stress and Anxiety?

Here is a tool you can use to immediately change the way you feel when you experience stress or anxiety.

If you have any questions about this topic, please reach out to me by clicking here.

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