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High Conflict Divorce

Many people seek coaching when they experience some kind of trauma or transition in their life.  When the stress and anxieties overwhelm them to a point of feeling emotionally drained.  They 'wake up' to the idea that there is something more to life than the mundane routine, material possessions, and cycles of suffering.  Most are in search of meaning and have a desire to live a more fulfilled life, but don't know where to start.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective and an understanding of how things truly work.  This coaching program will help you make a dramatic shift away from something not serving you, or towards something you desire.   It will help you gain clarity and lead you on a path of self-discovery.  You will learn how to change your life by changing the way you see things and begin to invite positive experiences back into your life.  


Can you imagine waking up in the morning feeling peaceful and happy, rather than anxious and worried all the time? ⠀I found meditation and everything in my life changed for the better. My meditation journey began when I needed to find a way to cope with the moment-to-moment stresses of life and to slow down. 


Meditation is not about stopping your mind or turning off your thoughts. In fact, it's the exact opposite. It's about slowing down long enough to notice your thoughts, without trying to respond to them or figure everything out.  When one practices meditation, they learn to focus on the present moment rather than dwell on the unchangeable past or uncertain future. When we are present with each experience, we feel less stressed and more relaxed.   Learn how to apply the principles of meditation to your everyday life to experience a huge shift or change in your life.  


Parental Alienation and Estrangement can make you feel sad, lonely, isolated, and embarrassed.  It may leave you wondering why this is happening to you and what you did do to deserve it.   You may spend countless hours replaying past events to see if you can make any sense of them, or worried about what the future will hold.   You feel depleted, emotional, and helpless.   But you are not alone.   Together we will move through the pain, alleviate the suffering, and begin the healing process.


Our sessions invite you to make changes in the way you think, feel, and behave.  How you show up for yourself and how you show up for your loved ones will make all of the difference. Healing is a starting point, not an endpoint. Shifting your mindset will help you change the outcomes and experiences in your life.  





Mindset Coaching Client

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jason since the Spring of 2020. After starting my sessions with him I feel like I am calmer, more focused, and handle stress better. Jason is very knowledgeable and has helped me learn to meditate daily. He is a great teacher with lots of insight. Thanks to Jason I feel like all of my relationships have improved for the better and I continue to grow and learn from his expertise. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for mindset coaching. He is the best!"

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