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Mindful Life Coaching

for creating a life of happiness and peace

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"I am challenging you to have a mindset of growth and a strong desire to become the best version of yourself. You are not likely to achieve a positive outcome if you are placing blame on others and succumb to a negative mindset and self-limiting beliefs." 

Do you feel stuck or have challenging relationships

Are you feeling stressed or anxious?
Are you overwhelmed or emotional?
Are you constantly worried or confused?
✓.Are you lacking clarity and focus?
Are you looking to find your purpose?
Are you searching for peace and happiness?
Are you struggling to feel heard and validated?
Are you lacking effective communication skills?
Are you experiencing high conflict?
Are you alienated or estranged from your family?

Ready to shift your mindset and make an ever-lasting change?




You deserve to be HAPPY!

I understand how hard it is to climb out of the darkness and step into the light, especially when feeling hurt, lost, and depleted.  But, you CAN achieve everything you desire.  When you change your perspective and think about your situation differently, you have the power to transform yourself and create incredible experiences.  

Starting is the hardest part.  I'm here to help you.


Hi, I'm Jason Blau

I help people shift their mindset, get clear about what they want, take action, and create the life of their dreams.  

I'm a mindset coach, meditation teacher, motivational speaker, and thought leader in the meditation, personal development, and wellness industries. I specialize in relationship struggles, high conflict divorce, and parental alienation and estrangement. 



Mindset Coaching Client


"I have had the pleasure of working with Jason since the Spring of 2020. After starting my sessions with him I feel like I am calmer, more focused, and handle stress better. Jason is very knowledgeable and has helped me learn to meditate daily. He is a great teacher with lots of insight. Thanks to Jason I feel like all of my relationships have improved for the better and I continue to grow and learn from his expertise. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for mindset coaching. He is the best!"


From Suffering to Salvation

A Glimpse Into Your Child’s Experience Told Through My Story 


How to Communicate Effectively

Learn To Help Your Children Feel Loved, Heard, Validated, and Safe.


Shift Your Mindset

Change your Thoughts,

Transform Your Life. 

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